VIRTUAL GUARDS A range of products using 100% natural ingredients to help keep your environment free from pests and inhibit the threat of airborn viruses VIRTUAL GUARDS A range of products using 100% natural ingredients to help keep your environment free from pests and inhibit the threat of airborn viruses

The fragrance that keeps wasps at bay the purely natural way

The natural way to help protect your family and friends from airborne viruses & bacteria

The environmentally friendly way to keep the air fresh and Mosquito free

Our unique blends

Essential oils are well known for their distinct aroma and insect repellent properties. Taking these core properties, we have developed unique combinations of steam distilled and cold pressed oils  that are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they were extracted. Each unique blend has been extensively tested and proven effective.

Invisible Protection

No skin contact required; No spraying required

100% Organic and 100% Natural

Patented, Non-lethal, environmentally friendly formula

Versataile, Portable & Re-Usable

Products can be used anywhere, anytime, indoor, outdoor

Cost Effective

Lasts up to 2 years (travel tin design)

Passive Scent Release Technology

Long lasting fragrance control release system

Independently Tested

Recommended “very effective” by leading entomologists

Travel Guard

The container’s design is both robust and compact to make it suitable to easily fix to tables or simply replace the lid and slip it into your pocket or handbag for an on-the-go solution. It is a perfect essential solution for everyday situations: in the park, the café, terrace, when gardening or just relaxing or having a barbeque.

Electronic Diffuser

Designed for professional service companies. Taking just couple of hours to fully charge using the USB cable provided you can use it all day, for up to 8 hours. It is silent, leak free and has a built in multi colour night light if required. It is perfect solutions for restaurants, bars as a table solution.


The cost-effective way to use your Diffuser. It contains 10ml of the unique deterrent formula and is supplied in a specially manufactured recyclable glass bottle to guarantee quality and extend the life of your diffuser by up to an additional 14 days of full-time use.

Benefits of becoming one of our partners

As a Virtual Guards partner you will have access to 3 very unique products each of them addressing different problems in separate market sectors. Our unique formulas are all 100% organic and do not contain any harmful chemicals such as Deet etc. Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming a Virtual Guards partner:

  • All Virtual Guard products are unique and exclusive to our partners
  • Market into 3 different sectors
  • 100% organic plant-based formulas
  • Each product addresses different peaks and regions
  • Travel diffuser utilises our own exclusive passive scent release technology for long lasting, flexible and travel solution.
  • All formulas available as pure oils to be used in one of the Virtual Guard diffusers or alternatively as a refill for the travel diffuser.
  • Our time release spray diffuser enables partners to market the diffuser together with unique refill cartridges ensuring recurring income.

We currently operate across Europe through both retail and trade partners, for more information on becoming a partner please contact us.